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Resident Evil 4 was perhaps the most awaited portion of the Resident Evil franchise. Resident Evil 7 makes survival feel like a challenge and not a certainty, especially at higher difficulty levels. As reported by Ryokutya2089 , this week's issue of the Japanese magazine confirmed that the next entry in the survival-horror series coming to PC and next-gen consoles in the future is 60% complete, and it has reached a turning point.

When those dobermans crashed through those windows in the first Resident Evil,” jolting me and countless players from their seats, Capcom's survival horror series rewrote the rules. That's the way i want my Resident Evil games close and personal, some hate it though as it differs massively from the franchise.

It borrows heavily from horror movie tropes, but ties all that into the Resident Evil universe in a very satisfying way. This understated opening immediately sets the tone for Resident Evil 7. It's a return to the atmospheric, slow-burning horror of the original, with a few nods to contemporary games like Alien: Isolation and Amnesia.

And while players may not have to face shambling swarms of the undead, single enemies feel much more threatening as they stalk Ethan through the claustrophobic corridors. PRIMEPLAYS That crucial scene from the first "Resident Evil" game, which debuted on the original PlayStation way back in 1996, set the stage for a franchise that has spawned at least 10 games, countless remakes, and a successful film franchise.

Recognizing this, the minds now in charge of the series made a conscious effort to get back to what made Resident Evil the gaming icon it is, and I can attest that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is easily the best game the series has seen in years—if not ever.

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